Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car

Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car

While insurance can help with payouts after car theft or repairing your car after an accident, GPS tracking solutions can help you to protect and keep tabs on your vehicle.

Today, almost all GPS tracking systems offer vehicle location and real-time mapping, however, there are many other features that you need to know about. Many of these tracking features give you more information about your vehicle and how well your commercial vehicle fleet is optimised.

If you want to keep your vehicle and its drivers safe on the road and your fleet effectively optimised, you need a reliable tracking device. Let’s look at the benefits and features Matrix’s tracking devices offer:

Innovative features of GPS tracking solutions

  • Detect your vehicle with X-Ray Vision

Matrix devices make use of three unique tracking technologies, including Radio Frequency, GSM and GPS, to detect where your vehicle is hidden, anywhere in South Africa, even if it is covered underground.

  • Stay safe with a reliable panic button

Should you have a roadside emergency, Matrix’s panic button feature enables you to request assistance without informing those around you.

  • Get quick assistance with dedicated recovery teams

Matrix’s vast communications network offers excellent visibility of your vehicle’s position at all times. Coupled with emergency response teams and national recovery ensures that help is always at hand.

  • Locate your vehicle with GPS Pinpoint Positioning

This technology gives you an accurate position of your vehicle without terrain-based obstacles interfering.

  • Monitor your vehicle with a smartphone app

The Matrix vehicle tracking app provides you with a convenient solution to trace and monitor your car from any location, remotely.

  • Get extensive reporting with internet tracking

Matrix offers you a vehicle management dashboard that allows you to see where your vehicle is on an interactive map. It also enables you to see how it is being driven and get extensive reporting on previous trips.

  • Keep your vehicle in great condition with a tax logbook

With the SARS tax logbook, you can effortlessly track, measure and monitor fuel consumption, vehicle mileage, and maintenance costs electronically.

  • Create customisable zones with custom geo-fencing

Geo-fencing makes it easy to create virtual geo-fences and customisable zones using the latest GPS pinpoint technology.

  • Get notified when your vehicle moves with GeoLoc Advanced alerts

With the GeoLoc Advanced Alert solution, Matrix will let you know when your vehicle moves from a specific location without your consent.

  • Get help on the road with roadside and medical assist

Whether it’s a breakdown, flat tyre or vehicle collision, with Matrix you always have roadside and medical assistance available.

  • Stay up to date with crash alerts

All the matrix MX3 devices are fitted with an impact sensor. This will alert you if your vehicle is involved in an accident. Help will also be dispatched to the exact location of your vehicle.

  • Keep your vehicle on the road with harsh event reporting

Through Matrix’s tracking and behaviour monitoring applications, you will receive a notification through the Matrix vehicle tracking app whenever your vehicle experiences harsh braking, cornering, acceleration or speeding.

  • Stay safe on your journey with no-go zones

Matrix uses advanced technology to alert you if your vehicle enters any no-go zones.

  • Avoid cross-border exports with border alerts

Matrix devices have a border alert feature that helps to minimise the risk of vehicle theft and illegal cross-border exports.

Invest in safety, security and better peace of mind

With the large range of benefits GPS vehicle tracking offers, you can stress and worry less about the safety of your vehicles and anyone driving them. Vehicle tracking is an excellent investment, so start your research and choose the best GPS tracking solutions for your needs today.

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