5 Differences Between IP Video Intercom and Analog

Which video intercom to choose?

Before choosing an intercom, let’s understand where and why we will put it. In a private house or apartment? Let’s say an apartment. In modern multi-tenant buildings, in most cases, apartment intercom systems are already installed. It can be an access intercom, a video surveillance system, automatic gates, security, and fire sensors. In this case, you significantly narrow the product search area, since you need to choose one or another specific intercom. That is, you should find out what equipment is installed in your home and choose a device compatible with it for the price and functionality.

1. Support continuous video surveillance from the outdoor panel

Analog call panels are not recommended to be connected to video recorders. They are not designed for continuous video surveillance and if there is such a connection, they get very hot. IP outdoor panels support the possibility of continuous video recording.

2. Ability to view in the browser

Network IP video intercoms can be viewed in the browser both from a personal computer / laptop and from a phone. You can connect a TV to an analog video intercom via an RCA connector.

3. Resolution

Network IP video panels in the standard have a higher resolution. The resolution of 2Mp is quite natural. Analog video intercom systems often have a resolution that is measured in television lines (TV lines). The latest models support resolutions up to 1.3 Mp, but so far these models are very new and unpopular.



4. Matrix, lens, and viewing angle

It should be noted that IP network calling panels have a wider viewing angle. Some models support a viewing angle of up to 180°, and a viewing angle of about 130° is quite a standard viewing angle. Analog models in the bulk have a viewing angle of 68 °, and some models support a viewing angle of 90 ° -110 °, but this is rare. This is achieved due to a more modern matrix in conjunction with an improved lens.

5. Support for proximity readers and mobile IDs

Network IP video intercoms support proximity readers as well as mobile IDs. Analog models can only work with iButton, Touch Memory and Em-marine keys. Doesn’t support mobile IDs

In conclusion, it is worth noting that in most cases analog video intercom systems are installed everywhere. Only in modern large business centers and individual cottages is it possible to find network IP video intercoms. In 90% of cases, when trying to buy a video intercom for an apartment in an apartment building, you should immediately pay attention to analog intercom systems. But it’s better to clarify. Well, do not forget that for multi-apartment video intercoms it is necessary to use specially designed video intercoms adapted to work with coordinate systems, which are connected to a single calling panel.

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