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Akaso EK7000 Review

AKASO EK7000 Review

Action cameras are one of the most used technology items nowadays. Their ability to be recorded while the user is doing some extreme sport, while maintaining excellent quality video or photography, makes them the ideal choice for filming similar activities. Regardless of why they will be used, Action cameras are amazing devices because of their portability, which allows them to “tie” on a helmet or a machine.

In this article we will review the Akaso EK7000 model. This is an excellent Action Camera that has the fraction of the cost of a GoPro. In fact, the Akaso EK7000 action camera costs less than $100. GoPro costs more thata $400. If you want to see a list with awesome technological innovations that cost less than $100, check this list.

Technical Characteristics

Of course, the technical characteristics of a camera are its most important point. In terms of general data, Frame rate, or FPS (frames per second) is a very important element. Akaso EK7000 can record at 4K, 2.7 K, and 1080p resolution, however when the resolution is 4K the maximum FPS that can reach is 25.


The EK7000 can be immersed in the impressive depth of 30 meters using the waterproof case included in the package.


Akaso has an Ultra-Wide lens that makes it easy to use everything in one photo.


The battery is a focal point. While Akaso can reach up to 90 minutes.


Akaso’s camera comes with a wireless remote in the box, which means that we can start and stop recording without even touch the camera.


The stable photo is 12MP and the quality is very good either side. The autofocus function is recommended for anyone who is a beginner in the field of photography for a very satisfactory result.


The EK7000 it is lighter and more portable than its competitors, with just 75 grams of weight. Because of its cubic shape, this camera is very easy to integrate into a helmet or a stand machine.

The EC 7000 is a very good set with a price lower than $70, while GoPro Hero6 has more features, but with a large disproportion in price (close to €400). Both are small, portable and waterproof.


With the purchase of Akaso EK7000 the user will also receive many extra accessories such as helmet and machine support, which is not available in the case of GoPro. So if you are looking for a very good Action camera at an affordable price, the best possible option is the AKASO device.

You can use your new Akaso Action Camera to make videos and upload them to YouTube to become a YouTuber and start making money from home. The possibilities are endless. The best part is that you don’t need to lose an arm and leg to get one.

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