Creat B Germicidal Mask IV Series

Sport is love, and most of us can’t leave our game in any situation. Moreover, sport keeps us active and plays a massive role in our physical and mental health. As it’s a long time, we have been living with COVID-19, and we can’t afford to skip our game anymore. We want to play, but it’s also necessary to maintain strict health measures.

Keeping in mind all this situation, Creative Technology Development Limited took a stand for sportsmen and brought out a product that can help us play our favorite games with friends safely. The corporation designed and developed face masks for sports that can kill bacteria and germs, protect you from infections and viruses, and perform beauty functions for ladies. The following are details about the products that prove the characteristics of the specific beauty mask.

Creat B Mask IV

Creat B Mask IV is a series of beauty face masks with various shades, including blue, grey, and brown. The masks are specifically designed and developed under the experienced team of Oliver Chiu (Chief Technology Officer). These biotech masks are composed of chelated bismuth iontophoresis technology and create a quick 360-degree disinfection area within 1-3 feet. Below are the detailed benefits of Creat B Mask IV and the description of how they are worth spending money on.

Better photocatalytic effect

Creat B Mask IV series contains chelated bismuth ions, which have a better photocatalytic effect than traditional photocatalytic because they quickly and easily activate the bactericidal effect. Moreover, their release effect of negative ions creates a 360-degree disinfection area within 1-3 feet. When chelated bismuth ions are incorporated into the fabric, the original plain cloth is turned into a sterilization tool that protects you against viruses and infections.

Creat B Germicidal Mask IV Series

Durability and availability

Creat B Mask IV series is available in multiple shades, and you have a wide variety to select according to your outfit. Creative Technology Development Corp. offers it in blue, grey, or brown color. Moreover, these biotech masks can be used for long hours as they are composed of durable leather that will not leave scars on your face and allow you to enjoy your time in a safe environment.


They are biotech masks and are composed of ingredients that are safe for your health as well as sustainable for the environment. Traditional masks can be only used for a single time and have to be disposed of. This increases pollution and harms the environment. On the other hand, biotech masks can be used for prolonged periods and are effective for up to 2 years. Due to the reusable feature, they are also cost-effective. You don’t need to spend money repeatedly on it to remain protective against infections and viruses.

Final verdicts

Creat B Mask IV Beauty series is the opportunity for the sports lover to remain in a healthy environment while playing their favorite game. These biotech masks allow you to break as naturally as without a mask. Selecting from a variety of colors will protect you against viruses and give you a stylish and glossy look.

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