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Bowling Tips for Amateur

Bowling Tips for Amateur

Bowling Tips for Beginners we have today will help you to be good at bowling. Everyone can enjoy bowling. By following unbiased bowling , you will do bowling like a professional.

Choose a Right Ball

For women, the ideal weight of a bowling ball is around 12 pounds, while for men is heavier, around 15 pounds. You might think that heavier balls will knock down pins easily, but what matters is actually how your fingers fit into the finger holes. Make sure that you grip your ball well, choose a ball in which the holes are larger than your ring size.

Lighter balls are better, since it will make the pins hit each other, and it will give you bowl strikes.


The second bowling tips you can follow is that you have to be relaxed. When you are relaxed, you can focus yourself to balance the swing. Take a deep breath and whisper a positive affirmation before throwing the ball.

To give you a perfect shot, you need to straighten your wrist or the bowling hand. Do not flex or bend your wrist. When you swing the ball, make sure that your hand is straight. Rotate your wrist, your hand, and fingers to the opposite side of your body, when the ball comes forward.

Your bowling hand is supposed to be underneath your ball, your wrist must be straight. Swing the bowling arm out and back, and release it when your bowling ball reaches your ankle. This will give you a straight shot.


You can do fast or slow. It depends on how you prepare your ball at first. To give you a slow approach, you may prepare the ball that starts from your chest. It will give you time to complete the approach and swing it to the lane.

For a faster approach, your bowling ball should be prepared between your tight and waist.

Do Not Focus on the Pins

These bowling tips will show you where to look when you are bowling. For beginners, one huge mistake is to focus only on the pins when you prepare to shoot. The way and where you look at will result in how you shoot. There are three areas to look at while you are preparing your shoot to make you bowl better.

The dots are halfway between the foul line and the arrows. These dots will help you to shoot better. The arrows are arrows that directly point at the pins. Thus, rather than looking at the pins, focus yourself on the arrows. The last point to be focused on is the foul line. When you do your bowling training, the instructors may ask you to focus on the foul line. The close you are to the line, the lower you will release your shoot.

The way you step will also matter. If you are left-handed, place your right foot to the left of the dots. While, if you are right-handed, your left foot should be placed to the right of the center dot. Here are your bowling tips.

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