Here’s The Difference Between Telon Oil And Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil and telon oil include equipment that must be prepared at home, especially since it has its own properties for family health.

Even though it is quite familiar and is often used every day, there are still some people who find it difficult to distinguish these two types of oil.

In fact, if you pay attention there are several things that make a comparison between eucalyptus oil and telon oil.

Let’s discuss and know the difference between the two.

  1. The Composition Of Eucalyptus Oil And Telon Oil Is Different

Although both are needed to make your little one feel comfortable and protected, eucalyptus oil and telon oil have differences in composition.

You need to know that telon oil on the market has three natural ingredients, namely a mixture of coconut oil, fennel oil (oleum foeniculi) and eucalyptus oil with different levels.

Fennel oil itself is made from herbal plants with properties to treat digestive problems, flatulence and increase your little one’s appetite.

Meanwhile, eucalyptus oil is made from the Melaleuca leucadendra or Melaleuca cajuputi trees. The leaves and twigs from these two trees are used for extraction by the distillation process.

However, please also note that there is also eucalyptus oil made from cloves, essential oils and menthol. When these three ingredients are mixed with various processes, the warm feeling of eucalyptus oil can be felt when applied to the body.

  1. Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil And Telon Oil Are Not The Same Because There Are Differences In Composition

Telon oil and eucalyptus oil are made from different ingredients, so the benefits of these two oils cannot be equated.

As you already know, telon oil is one of the mainstays because it is often used to warm your little one’s body. Moreover, the various ingredients of telon oil provide many benefits including helping to be protected from insect and mosquito bites, overcoming congested breathing problems and relieving flatulence.

Meanwhile, eucalyptus oil is no less special because it has many health benefits.

Eucalyptus oil is often used after bathing or when you feel unwell, dizzy, bloated so that it can relieve pain and prevent infection in wounds. Eucalyptus oil can also be used as aromatherapy which helps relieve respiratory problems.

  1. In terms of aroma and texture, these two oils taste different

Both telon oil and eucalyptus oil can be used as aromatherapy especially with a soothing aroma. Even so, if you feel it, you will definitely understand that the aroma of eucalyptus oil is thicker and stronger when compared to telon oil.

In addition to the strong aroma, eucalyptus oil also has a warmer feeling when applied to the skin than telon oil. This is what causes telon oil to be used more for newborns, while eucalyptus oil tends to be used for children who are older about 5 years and over.

For the texture of these two oils, you can feel the difference when you want to use them. Telon oil has a thicker and slippery texture, so it takes longer to penetrate the skin.

Unlike telon oil which has this texture when applied to your little one, eucalyptus oil tends to be no more and it absorbs into the skin more quickly.

Keep In Mind The Use Of Telon Oil And Eucalyptus Oil For Families

The use of telon oil and eucalyptus oil still needs to be considered well. Before use, Mama needs to make sure the packaging to see the expiration date first.

If the use of these two oils past the expiration date, their properties will start to decline and have an impact on skin health.

In addition, avoid sensitive parts of the skin so that they are not exposed to telon oil and eucalyptus oil, one of which is the area around the eyes or wounds on the skin. The sensitive area where the oil is applied can only cause a stinging effect and discomfort.

Well, there are some differences that must be recognized between telon oil and eucalyptus oil. Hopefully the information is useful and unmistakable in distinguishing these two oils

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