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Popular British Gold Coins for Investment

Popular British Gold Coins for Investment

Coin collecting is a popular hobby. Rare coins can be quite a valuable investment. British gold coins hold financial and historic value. Britannia, Queen’s Beast, and Sovereign are some of the most popular British coins (source). British coins are a great investment due to their stability, overall look, and overall value. They are a favorite for many coin collectors around the world.

Britannia is a classic but ancient coin. It has been produced since the first century AD. The coin has Queen Elizabeth II imprinted on one side. The other side has Britannia complete with her Corinthian helmet and Poseidon’s trident stands. The current version has been made since 1987. They come in different sizes, weighed by the ounce. It can be used as a legal tender for debt with the UK. Within the UK, they are free of value-added taxes and capital gains taxes. The only concern you should have while investing is that this coin is easy to counterfeit. Get any coin you buy inspected by an expert.

Queen’s Beasts coins (source) are a British classic. Despite the odd name that is the source of many jokes, this is a highly respected coin. This coin highlights the history of Queen Elizabeth II. The newest edition on this list, this coin is still a good value. It comes in gold or silver if you prefer. The design of the coins is meant to show a unique heritage. Many have symbols of honor, such as a badge. Unicorns or dragons occur along with them. The other side is a portrait of the Queen. This coin also comes in many sizes. It is great for new investors, as it is newer to the market. Therefore, it is less expensive. Still, in two hundred years, these coins might be considered a historic investment.

Sovereign coins are similar to Britannia coins. They are exempt from capital gains tax and can be used as legal tender. They are rare and offer historical significance. They were first minted in the 14th century. Versions of the coin minted during Edward VII and George V are particularly popular. During Queen Victoria’s era, these coins were mass produced. If you come upon a coin from any of these eras, they may be worth a lot of money. They are easy to sell and hold value in many countries. While they originally were minted in just London, now that is not true. These coins are minted all over the world, including Pretoria, Ottawa, and Queensland.

So what coin should you buy? For many people, that depends on personal preference. British coins have the mark of history on them. They are a long term investment that you can hold on to. All British coins should be taken care of carefully. Evaluate proper cleaning and storage methods. Remember, old or rare versions are a steal! They might be worth more than you expect. At the very least, British gold coins investments are resistant to external forces, like a recession. They are an added layer of protection for your financial health.

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