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Advantages of Using PowerPoint in Online Learning

Advantages of Using PowerPoint in Online Learning

It seems that everywhere you go in the Online Learning world you run into PowerPoint. Most of the new writing tools either use PPT as their base or offer the ability to import PowerPoint slides. Many of you are already using PowerPoint at lectures, so why not repurpose that presentation for your online courses?

It’s Simple & Packed with Features

PowerPoint offers a wide range of features, effects and animations that no other presentation software can top. It’s been quite some time since some caustic observer coined the “death by PowerPoint” expression. Imagine a corporate meeting with yet another business trainer showing off boring facts in an interminable series of never ending slides. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We are no longer condemned to click-and-read presentations that can kill the fun of Online Learning or business initiatives. In order to create engaging interactive online courses, you just need to learn how to use the advanced options of the product.

Scalable Functionality

PowerPoint is a super flexible solution that works with hundreds of third-party tools. Many of them are free, like the Office Mix plugin that helps you create and share interactive online videos. You may consider Office Timeline, which allows you to add beautiful timelines and charts to your presentation right in the interface. These are just a couple of examples. New plugins are added every few months to facilitate or enrich rendered material.

Easy to Convert & Share

You can easily convert a power point ppt presentation into most popular formats such as video, HTML5 to embed on your website, Word document, PDF, and so on.

Why not turn your presentation into a video file? A few clicks – and you’re live on YouTube. You could use add-ons like Wondershare or Movavi, or convert the content right from the software. If you are looking for a more scalable format than PPT, try HTML5. There is a variety of free and paid converters available on the web. Find one with the decent quality, convert your slides, upload to a slide sharing/web hosting service, get a code generated, and there you go.

Saving as a PDF might be a good option for you as well. You can’t go wrong with this lightweight and universal format recognized by any modern device. However, you should watch out for quality disruptions. Some of the visual bells and whistles, not to mention animations and transitions, will get lost. In other cases, like extended text editing needs greater compatibility, you may want to reduce your content to a text type document. Just export the slides into Microsoft Word, and possibly explain the bullets into an article.

Wide Range of Templates Available

Paid and free templates of powerpoint can be found from websites such as These templates are professionally created and can be edited very easily. Templates can save you a lot of time as you only need to edit the content and change the pictures if needed and can be used for all your future presentations.

PowerPoint Benefits:

  1. Everyone has PowerPoint – It’s probably already on your computer.
  2. Add visuals with easy picture-editing tools.
  3. Easily access your presentations from more locations and on more devices.
  4. Use slide sections to navigate, organize and print your presentation.
  5. View and edit multiple presentations individually, side by side or even on separate monitors.
  6. Quickly create content with tons of layouts, backgrounds, and color themes.
  7. Organize and print your slides more effectively.
  8. Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations.
  9. Easily repurpose and edit your presentations, over and over.
  10. Get things done faster with PPT Templates.
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