Why is Human Resource Management Important?

Why is Human Resource Management Important

This is a very important question to be asking if you want to advance your career prospects in 2021 and beyond. See, HR is a vital business function, and if you have a love of helping people while simultaneously driving business profitability, this could very well be your occupational sweet spot.

What is Human Resource Management?

In a nutshell, a career in HR involves recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organisation’s employees ﹘ also known as ‘human resources’. It may sound a little impersonal when you put it like that, but this type of role actually calls for a very diplomatic and empathetic personality type.

Additionally, the HR professional’s role is expanding and evolving along with today’s businesses. These important individuals are tasked with the responsibility of helping companies to adapt along with shifts in technology, the economy and many other variables.

Why is HR important in an organisation?

Here are a few of the reasons why a strong focus on human resource management is important in organisations of all types, shapes and sizes:

Recruiting & onboarding top talent

A business is only as strong, nimble and effective as its employees. This is why companies spend so much time and effort finding the right people to work for them. HR stands at the helm of this vital process. They drive recruitment, manage the interview process and ultimately induct the new recruits.

The second part of this process, i.e. the onboarding, is a very important part of an HR practitioner’s role. It goes far beyond bestowing a security pass and pointing out a desk to involve all aspects of orientation and engagement with a new employee. These are the first key steps that help them to settle in and adapt to a new company culture.

Training & performance management

Every person within a company is at a different point along their career journey. As such, it takes a very skilled HR professional to keep tabs on where everyone is along this trajectory, and how to meet them where they’re at in order to address any skills gaps efficiently. This is where performance management and training comes in.

Far from being a disciplinary role, it should actually be seen and treated as an opportunity to offer employees the support they need to be the best versions of themselves. Employee development is inextricably linked to employee engagement, and this, in turn, reduces unwanted employee churn.

Company culture establishment & maintenance

A company culture can be hard to pinpoint and define, but it’s a very important aspect of the workplace. It’s also not something that should be seen as ‘cute’ or optional in any way. Businesses with positive cultures attract and retain top talent, and thrive because of it.

In this respect, the HR team is also pivotal. They ensure that business values come to life within the organisation, and make course corrections as and when necessary.

Streamlining internal communications

When internal communication is a priority in a business, needless misunderstandings are mitigated and employees are more engaged. This paves the way for improved productivity and customer service. HR defines communication within a company and these professionals have to ensure that the right messaging reaches the right ears and eyes in the right way.

Remaining compliant

Employment law is a very specialised field, and for businesses to stay compliant, their HR personnel should have a very thorough understanding of everything that has to be done for the company to remain compliant with legal and regulatory processes and guidelines. This includes everything from handling labour disputes, to ensuring that the office space is compliant with COVID regulations.


Human resource management forms a vital component of the modern-day workplace. This is why HR practitioners have to stay up to date with the latest skills, methodologies, and practices required to support a multigenerational workforce.

Can a Human Resource Management short course help you? If you want to get ahead in business, and have a love for helping people, this might just be the best choice you could make. Take a look at these Human Resource Management short courses, and get ready to supercharge your career trajectory.

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