uBanker South Africa: A Review

Ubanker in South Africa online trading

Forex trading used to be an exclusive investment opportunity for institutional investors. However, the advent of the internet has made retail Forex trading extremely popular. Now, there are millions of traders, ordinary individuals with just a laptop and internet connection, who use their skills to profit from the Forex market. These individuals are known as retail Forex traders.

To become a Forex market participant, you, however, need an intermediary between you and the market. In short, you need a broker. uBanker is a leading brokerage company that enables its clients to easily trade Forex and a wide range of other asset classes. Here is a comprehensive review of this excellent online broker which may just be the right one for your trading goals.

uBanker South Africa: Safety and Business Transparency

uBanker is a reliable and ethical brokerage firm. It is a broker you can trust. In addition to the eTrust seal it carries, the company is known for its transparent business activities. When you open an account with uBanker, it is not only your money that is protected. uBanker protects your data too. If you are looking for a broker with a solid industry reputation, customer protection, and transparent services, uBanker is the one.

Excellent Customer Service

For most brokerage companies, customer support service is always almost non-existent. For uBanker, however, the contrary is the case. uBanker’s customer support service is so extraordinary that it can be taken as the industry standard. While opening an account, there is a team of experts at your disposal — to call at your beck and call.

The team comprises trainers, support agents, and personal account managers. They are always available to give a helping hand about anything you need. The bonus: you can contact them 24 hours a day and 6 days a week! Excitingly, you can easily get across to them by phone, email, live chat, and even via social media!

Do you have any complaint, question, or comment? You can easily get in touch via the customer support service.  uBanker pays close attention to its clients. And being a uBanker client, you matter.

Diverse Investment Products and High-Profit Potential

uBanker’s diverse offerings are nothing short of impressive. From Forex to CFDs, from commodities to shares to indices, uBanker has you covered.

When you become a uBanker’s client, you immediately have access to its diverse investment products. You have many Forex pairs to select. The good news: despite not being a cryptocurrency exchange, uBanker avails its clients bitcoin-denominated pairs to easily trade, too.

An essential advantage of uBanker is the high leverage it allows. With uBanker, you can use a leverage ratio that is as high as 1:200. Consequently, with a uBanker account, your profit-making potential in the Forex market is fully unlocked.

Favourable Trading Accounts and Conditions

uBanker offers the standard type of Forex account. Despite this, to open an account, you have to make an initial deposit of just at least $200. Obviously, its services are provided at very affordable costs. In fact, uBanker’s fixed spread policy is pleasing for most traders. Because of it, charges traders can incur on every trade is capped.

Depositing and withdrawal, with uBanker, are a very easy process. Both are one of the common problems traders usually have with brokers. However, with uBanker, they are bliss. You will be able to withdraw your money as easily as you deposited it. You can deposit your funds via channels such as wire transfer, credit card, and eWallet. Add to these the fact that uBanker does not charge any withdrawal fee.

Interestingly, the broker also provides full protection on your first 5 to 15 trades.  You will be able to keep any amount you make on those trades, while the broker protects you against your losses on them. Consequently, if you are a novice trader, you can explore the research and analysis tools on its platform, without any fear of losses. Can there ever be a better trading condition?

To start benefiting from uBanker’s excellent trading environment, why don’t you create an account with the broker? Creating an account is easy. All you have to do is to log on to the uBanker website.

User-friendly Trading Platform

uBanker uses the PROfit trading platform which is available in mobile and web-based forms. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an experienced trader. uBanker’s platform makes trading easy while not sacrificing the complex powerful tools which are necessary for your success. You do not need any guiding-around to use it.

Moreover, the platform is fast and responsive. Forex trading is fast-paced so this advantage cannot be overstated. Also, it has resources for learning and researching about the markets. By using uBanker’s trading platform, you can be sure that no technical glitch or inadequacy will wreck your trades. Also, the broker provides a demo account for newbie traders to train before going live.


So, is uBanker a scam? No. The firm is reliable and ethical in its practices. Its business operations are transparent, and its customer support service is top-notch.  The broker has a wide range of investment product offerings. This will be attractive to any trader who constantly seeks action in multiple markets.

Every business has disgruntled customers. In the world of business, it is normal. uBanker has its share, too. However, what good businesses do is that they ensure they have more good features than drawbacks. For uBanker, this is the case! Its advantages far outweigh its downsides.

Therefore, some negative reviews here and there should not mislead you about this broker. uBanker has a strong financial base. Its strong financial status makes it reliable. Add to these its genuine dedication to business excellence. Indeed, uBanker has always shown its passion for the provision of excellent brokerage services and commitment to customer satisfaction. With it, trading comes so alive.

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